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OK after some prompting from Matt,  I have decided to give you an update on my second trip to Vobster quay yesterday.

(www.vobsterquay.co.uk for opening times and other info)

Left at 9:30am,  air temperature showing a chilly -3.  Arrived at Vobster at 10:30am.
Directed to the bottom car park and parked within 20 yards of the water.  There was only approximatly 10 other divers on site (I am sure the weather had nothing to do with it !!)

My observations,

OK this is not Stoney Cove it is definately a work in progress.  The staff were friendly and helpful.  There was no waiting for air fills and the setup was quite professional.

There is not much life to see in the water,  I did not see any fish although they are rumoured to be around.  There is quite a interesting tunnel at about 15m going down to 24m, this is a man made enclosed tunnel,  I believe it was used to transport rock to a crushing plant.  The tunnel is wide enough for 3 divers side by side although the sediment can get kicked up and a torch and redundant air supply is a must in my opinion.

There are training platforms at various depths, 7m, 10m etc.  These are scaffold pole construction with scaffold planks as a base.  Large enough for a few divers to practice on without kicking up silt.

The bottom composition is quite silty although it settles fairly quickly.  Vis was about 6m and water temperature was 7c at 26m.

Depth goes from 4m down to 35m+.

This was my first chance to have a good look around and I would return,  it is quite an interesting site, not as busy as Stoney,  we found a old car, I pulled a wheelie on an old bike and my mates had a wheelbarrow race !!.  There are some interesting block houses and other man made constructions to look at.

Entry and exit was very easy,  giant stride or walk in down a slipway.  The exit point was very icy when we got out and care should be taken when the weather is freezing.  They are also building an entry area directly by the shallow training platforms to avoid a swim from the main jetty.

They have toilets and changing area on site and serve basic refreshments, tea, coffee, bacon sarnies, soup and roll etc.

Cost is £10 per person refundable on exit deposit for all who enter the site.  £10 per diver. (£7.50 if registered).

As an alternate to Stoney in close proximity to Shepton Mallet it is definately worth a look.

Kind Regards,

PS. Saw a load of Golfers out yesterday morning on my way to the site.  Are these people mad, fancy playing golf in that freezing cold weather ;)
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