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Best wishes

Hope you get back to normality quickly. Bet you are glad you don't live in Northumberland - my sister, we think, needs a similar op. She had an NHS MRI in November 2006 (following a car accident last April) - and her appointment with the specialist to discuss the results is in November 2007!!!:angry: His preliminary report diagnosed a bulging disc pressing on the spinal column.

In the meantime, she can barely walk, can't drive, struggles to sit for more than half and hour - work is a nightmare but as she's the main breadwinner, she has no choice. Her physio (£3k and counting) interpreted the inital findings from the MRI as she needs an op but until she can get an appointment with the specialist, she is in limbo.

We are even having trouble getting her a private appointment with the specialist to confirm the position (we are prepared to pay for the op so she spends less time in pain). The physio has written to the specialist, the lawyers have written to him, we've made numerous phone calls. Whatever you do, don't get a back injury in Northumberland!!!
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