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some dive bits for sale

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232 bar left hand vales m25 cylinder fitting en 250. bought new a few weeks ago but decided to have top handle vales instead on my stages. Dui high profile dump valve used but working properly changed to low profile dump.Northern diver Omega wetsuit 5mm 6 months old used once i dont use it at all now.

valves £16 each posted
Dui dump valve £10 posted
Northern diver wetsuit £40 + P+P or pick up or YD post
Northern diver metalux summer undersuit £40 posted
neoprene hoods 1 DUI warm neck collar medium £10 +P+P
1 Otter hood medium £5 +P+P medium
Other hood medium £5 +P+P
Jet fin style fins similar to beaver ones £5 +P+P
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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