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Hello all...I need some advice.

Some background first:

1) I have no outstanding debts. I paid of one off my 2 credit cards and closed it about 8 months ago, and paid off my last credit card today (which was within limits and not in default).

2) I have 2 loans both of which are not in default and being paid by Direct debit. Both are near completion.

3) I recently won 2 cases against 2 banks for unlawful charges.

4) Bank accounts times 2 are both in credit.

Right. So that's the financial score....

Now to the story:

I was at work a couple of days ago and got a missed call on my mobile. I chased it up today and got through to some rude guy from Newman DCA. He told me he wanted to know all my personal details, which I wouldn't give him, so that I could settle some debt I owed them as agents for some company whose name he wouldn't tell me. I advised him I wasn't going to tell him anything, and he became so rude I hung up on him.

About 5 minutes later the phone rang and the same guy asked if I was called Lee something or other, which I am not, and then called me a liar when I told him he had a wrong number and what my name was. After a few minutes of me telling him who I was, and him telling me I was a liar he hung up - the call came from a mobile number I didn't recognise.

I am not overly worried as I know I don't have any debts, and this bunch of psychos can't get any of my details.....but how do I prove who I am to these people so that they get of my case and bugger off back under their rock?

Any help is much appreciated as life is too short to be worrying about these phone bullies.:angry:

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Errrrr given your chosen profession I would have thought it would be a simple thing?

I have had this, (only way to get rid of Britiana Music) and I always start off by saying wait whilst i hit the record button as i will be requiring a record of this conversation.

At which point they generally hang up and i don't here from them again.

If they don't then request full details of their claim in writing but refuse to give them any personal information (they should have this)

It sounds to me like a bog standard scam to get your details for identity theft. A bit like the "Your Midland account has been changed please enter your security codes here to get information" etc etc you get on the net but on the mobile phone.

They work on the basis 90% of us have some debts or other and have defaulted at some time or other.


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Good advice

I'd agree, simply tell them to confirm the details of the outstanding debt in writing to the address they have on their files or if they prefer, they can send it via your solicitors office and give them the name and address of the solicitors.

Do not give them ANY information, not your fulll name, date of birth or address.

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