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Some thoughts on The JJ-CCR and SF2 Rebreather

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heres a quick write up on my thoughts of the JJ-CCR and SF2 Rebreather for anyone interested


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You say in the article you dived a Meg before the JJ, do you prefer the JJ and if so could you tell me why?


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Hi Dan, yes i have dived megs since 2001 and owned a few different models. I actually switched from the meg to the JJ back in 2007, wasn't really looking for a new rebreather just liked the look of the JJ when it came out. I was attracted by the Dave T lungs as i had to modify back lungs a lot to get a set that worked on the meg, the JJ was simple but solid, i would say I have always been more comfortable diving a unit with two headsets and my meg had that the JJ even know only comes with one and the HUD and i had to adapt a bunch of my procedures in many ways simplifying them. If I had to choose between the meg and the JJ then i would go with the JJ for simplicity and diveability out the box and i think cost the JJ seems to be better priced this side of the pond
It certainly does!

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