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To all concerned, I've finally managed to put the final edit down on the March weekend trip & I'm pretty pleased with it even if I say so myself.
It's in either DVD-R format (may or may not work on your domestic player, but will definitely work on a suitably equipped pooter - ie DVD ROM drive & software such as PowerDVD) or good ol' VHS.
It'll also include some Cyprus (scenic & Zenobia) and Philippines (wreck penetration) footage.
DVD and Vid cost a tenner each.  Loads I know, but this editing kit's cost me fortunes recently so I might as well make some of it back...

If you're after a copy, send a stamped, addressed, suitably sized jiffy bag containing cheque to

Rob Evans
38 Old Roar Rd
St. Leonards-on-sea
East Sussex
TN37 7HA

Got some heavy work commitments this week. so I should be able to send copies off next weekend.

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