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At last, the soup has cleared!!!

Two of us have the rest of this week and some of next to dive, and intend to (re-)visit the following sites (all shore dives) - I've included a visrep for each one in case anyone else fancies a dip, as of Tue 4th Feb;

Teignmouth - 0.5m at shore, but 1-2m beyond surf
Meadfoot - 2-4m (easy shore dive, 8 degrees, civilised entry/exit from slip)
Maidencoombe - 2-4m steep cliff steps to rocks and beach.  Reccied North and South of beach and found good high-tide swim-throughs and tunnels.  Diving this for first time tomorrow (Thurs 6th).
Anstey's Cove - 2-4m (easy shore dive, 8 degrees, not a lot to see, swim-throughs at high tide)

All the above well signed and easy to get to.

High tides:
Wed 05 Feb 03 - 08.43/4.6m & 21.01/4.3m
Thu 06 Feb 03 - 09.12/4.4m & 21.28/4.0m
Fri 07 Feb 03 - 09.42/4.3m & 21.58/3.9m
Sat 08 Feb 03 - 10.12/4.0m & 22.31/3.7m
Sun 07 Feb 03 - 10.47/3.7m & 23.12/3.5m
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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