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Saw this and after the last thread about who why when, this is what happened.

Charter firm fined
Fines have been levied on a diving charter company and one of its skippers following an incident in 2005 that left a diver with serious leg injuries.

While diving off Blue Cap Rocks in the Farne Islands in August 2005, Michael Ward of Loughborough was hit by a propeller of the charter boat Sovereign II as he returned to the vessel.

His injuries called for the amputation of his left leg, and the pinning of his right leg such that it cannot be flexed.

Ward brought a criminal prosecution against the skipper, Christopher Wilson, and his employer, Sovereign Diving of Seahouses, alleging that the boat had been operated in such a way as to cause severe injury.

At Newcastle Crown Court, Judge John Evans accepted the defendants' plea of not guilty, on the grounds that it could not be proved beyond reasonable doubt that the skipper had failed in his duty to operate the boat in a safe manner.

But Wilson and Toby Douglas, a director of Sovereign Diving, pleaded guilty to a breach of the Code of Practice for Small Commercial Motor Vessels, known as the Yellow Code.

An investigation by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency's Marine Accidents Investigation Unit had found that Wilson did not possess the necessary certificate of competence to command the vessel.

The company was fined £5000 and ordered to pay £3500 towards costs. Wilson was fined £500 and ordered to pay £500 towards costs.
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