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Dave Batchelor does not have a charter on Neptune for this Sunday so he is taking indevidual bookings and aiming to go out for an Ad Hoc days diving :)

There is some absolutly stunning viz off Dover at the moment, with good inshore viz and some incredibly clear water a few miles offshore. We dived on the MV Flachsee last night with some great twilight light levels and 8m+ of viz at 33m :D this was about 7 miles out, on Wed we had 5m of light viz on the SS Strathclyde which is only 1.25 miles outside of Dover harbour :)

We had over an hour of slack water and i spent a lot of the dive with my torch turned off so to best enjoy the twilight atmosphere and clear water on this big wreck.

To book a place for Sunday give Dave a call, contact details are here:-
Neptune - Skipper: Dave Batchelor - Port: Dover

He is looking at dive 1 being a max of about 40m, dive 2 will be around 30m.

Unfortunatly i am working all day so cannot go :(
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