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Ok, I'm gonna attempt a trip report here, what with me being so talkative and all that!

Found the dive centre in the resort easy enough whilst passing on a bus, so in I popped and was promptly talked into parting with £40 for a days diving, lunch thrown in.

On the morning I was relieved to find that the day was gorgeous and the sea was flat.  After teaming up with a lad from Willo's neck of the woods, we set off on the rib to go round the Pollensa headland.

I thought at the time that they had done the wrong thing on the boat, as we sailed from sunny skies and the resultant shimmering water to the other side of the heasland which was in the shade.  Still, wait and see eh?

In we plopped and the water was a pleasant 25 degrees.  I felt like I could dispense with the wet suit and just go in shorts.  The viz was good, I would say about 25metres so it really was dead easy going.

We pootled around some rocks at about 20m deep, checking out the morays, groupers and hundreds of little fish.  Very pleasant indeed.

After surfacing we went to a little cove and had lunch.  The sand underwater was pure white, so i couldnt resist a snorkel to while away the SI.

Second dive was to a monster of a cave which had three entrances to it.  Looking from inside the cave I saw a big arch with a smaller one to its right and an even smaller entrance above that one.  A bit like cathedral Rock with a big arch next to it.  Get the piccy?

After that more morays, and shoals of fish.

I think in retrospect that Abbs is better though.  I thought that it was rather lifeless in general, and was a bit disappointed with the sea life.  But maybe that was because the Divemasters didn't appreciate me hanging back to look under rocks, and you know how much I like doing that don't you Davey boy?

Still, it was a good way to spend the day.

As an aside, I saw much more life snorkelling in the bay on other days, squid. octopus and morays, all off one little beach.  Maybe theres a lesson there?

Sorry its not as good as Daves write ups, hes got a big gob, unlike little simpering me!!!  ha ha ha.
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