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I happened across this old DOS game by micropose the other day - its called Sea Rogue -while not in the same league as thier Xcom classics, its a surprisingly fun way to waste a few hours.

You play the captain and crew of an old trawler researching and recovering treasure from wrecks.

Its just like the real thing!!!!!!

you know what I mean - millions to be made every week from rare and precious spigdeous stuff - keep an eye on your "oxygen" levels and make sure you leave at least a minute's worth to get back to the surface - and don't forget to have at least 1 member of your dive team carry a speargun in case of shark attacks (even in the english channel)

its abandonware so its free to download from here:
Abandonia - Abandonware DOS Games - Download Sea Rogue

it doesn't run too well on xp, so you may need a DOS emulator - I use DosBox (also free):

Abandonia - Home of abandonware DOS games

instructions and wreck ID book here:
Sea Rogue - Abandonia forums
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