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SS BP/Harness, Dive Rite Classic wing, and other bits...

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I have a few bits left over from a previous attempt at a clear out.

Tank Trolley - £10 - Foldable trolley for wheeling cylinders / kit around, aluminium, seems to be reasonably strong, hard rubber wheels.

Weezle Extreme Boots - £5 - MEDIUM, black. Very good condition.

Spare Neck Seal - £2 - Kept in a sealed, dry bag since I bought it, still in perfect condition.

FAMI Charger - FREE - Charger for a FAMI torch.

Ralf Tech Hood - FREE - Grey, with drysuit-style collar.

7l Boot - FREE - Rubber.

Tank Banger - FREE - Bungee with clear plastic tank banger, useful for annoying anyone within a 5 mile radius. :)

Open to offers if things don't sell quickly - not 100% sure on value of dive kit now, all seems very different to when I was last buying stuff myself... makes me feel old :sad:



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hi am interested in backplate, will PM you when i get home from work
Cool, I've added a few pictures to the original post too.
Backplate now (provisionally) sold. Everything else still available at the moment :)
Oops, forgot this was here. Updated to reflect what's gone, lowered all the prices (lots of free stuff now), and particularly to highlight that I still have a Dive Rite Classic wing for sale, now £90. :angel:
Wing photos attached...


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Wing now gone too. Still some bits left (as in first post). I also have some diving books for sale (in a thread called "Diving Books" :)
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