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Dear YD Scuba Community visitors,

We seldom visit on-line chat rooms, but occasional glimpses reveal some entries dating back 15-20 years ago, still posted brightly with information totally out of context with present operations and changes made on visitor feedback.

Most sport dive facilities require frequent modifications to meet ever changing demands and fresh concepts within a competitive sport diving world. Operators failing to change or adopt fresh concepts will surely fade away. We are always open to constructive comments and do our best to utilize them in forward planning.

The SS Thorfinn has received massive restructures during 33 years of Micronesian operations. A recent USD $3.5M upgrade went into increased diving efficiencies, including a complete outfitting of new technical dive equipment, oxygen generators/boosters, constructing two speedy ‘state of art’ 10m covered dive launches incorporating unequaled designs, and adding tasteful changes to interior accommodations. These features topped with a carefully selected staff of top-line professionals have created fine enhancements to earlier operations, with highest compliments from recent critical dive connoisseurs.

This pioneering dive ship continues as the first, largest, and most seaworthy in a competitive field. Her big steam plant is awesome underway, powering this cruiser at speeds up to 16 knots when required. Machinery buffs marvel at the smooth near silent operation, serving as an operating example of similar power plants within ships lying on Truk Lagoon’s sandy floors. From central anchorages, divers receive closeby shipboard services with 7 continuous dive days to adjacent sites providing at least double the sites possible from close quality competitors.

We recommend readers seeking news about us to note the date of any given report, and to learn if a writer was recently aboard, to better learn experiences and opinions from current visitors.

We hope this information may assist you in selecting a distant, but very satisfying dive vacation.

E. Lance Higgs, Capt/CEO
Seaward Holdings Micronesia Inc
Unit 1, Victoria Garden Apts, Marine Dr
P.O. Box 1086, Weno, Chuuk State FM 96942
Fed. States of Micronesia
Websites: www.thorfinn.net; www.thorfinn.ch
E-mail: [email protected]
FB: http://facebook.com/DiveSSThorfinn
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/groups/ssthorfinn/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/DiveSSThorfinn

Office phone: 691 330 3040, Ship's mobile: 691 930 1276
Ship’s Inmarsat phone: 8707 7323 5297

'Diving Excellence, .... built from Experience'
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