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Many of you will remember the SSAC diver who was at the inquest of the fatality in St Abbs. After the joint statement that was put out by SSAC, BSAC, SAA and PADI, he has responded to this in last months Scottish Diver(The SSAC version of Dive, only thinner, and with more adverts) This is the response;

IAN NEILSON, a ScotSAC member of 30 years, has written to SCOTTISH DIVER to express the following views.

"I am writing this response to the joint statement by ScotSAC, BSAC, SAA and PADI.
"I am amused at the response by the clubs, more so that none have seen fit to find out what was actually said by myself at the inquest in Wakefield.
"Let me explain, I was asked by Mr D Hinchcliff Coroner West Yorkshire, the result of a report, which I was commisioned by, Mr G Fraser Procurator Fiscal West Lothian and Borders area(This is the Scottish Queens Counsallor(QC)).
"This report was into the death of a diver, April 2001 at St Abbs the details I am not going to go into, However the inquest had the death by misadventure.
"What I can say is this diver had no qualifications signed up for a PADI advanced course; was taken out on a boat dive on his first dry suit dive in UK waters without a PADI instuctor; On an expedition run by a PADI school; and he died.
"Now we get the real statement about St Abbs, taken from my statement to the Coroner, talking about the dive site at Cleaver rock.
Quote - This area would not be suitable for familiarization divers with limited experience. In my opinion there are safer sites in the area to take divers for familiarization dives, like Goat's Head training pool, or Petticowick Bay which has several good sites.

"At no time did I ever say St Abbs as a place was not good for trainees.Would it not have been better for ScotSAC to find out the facts first?

PETER- I know some people were questioning this guys experience. Thought it was worth pointing this out!(Mr B)

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