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St Abbs

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Just a quick one. Me and Andyinthorne dived at St Abbs today off Peter Giibsons freshly painted boat, first of the season for us. The sea was nice and calm and the vis varied from 10+M to about 5M depending on where you were and the state of the tide.
Temp was mostly 7'C.
A fair bit of life about, loads of Hombergii, a lumpfish, tons of starfish, saw some different burrowing anemones and a John Dory. first for us at St Abbs.
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cant wait to get back up there....

Pete is a bloody brilliant skipper!!!!!!
I agree I have had a couple of great dives with Peter. It is so good to hear he is back working following his serious health scare a while back.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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