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<font color='#0000FF'>Just back from 3 days diving in St Abbs.  Nice leisurely drive up late Tuesday morning arrived in time for afternoon tea at Springbank Cottage which is where we stayed - very convienient

Day 1 - Wednesday, woke up about 4am, yes I know but the sun was streaming through the window and the birds were singing.

No silly starts here meet on the boat at 10am out to East Craig, lovely dive 23.2 mtrs for 50 mins temp around 9 / 10 degrees C, remember to put thicker gloves in bag for the afternoon.  Seabed was covered in deadmens fingers and common brittle stars, beautiful plumose and dahlia anemones, topknot, butterfish.  Ah, great a cup of tea post dive.  Back for a change of cylinders, lunch and sunbathe.  2.30pm back out to West Hurker, 23.3 mtrs for 52 mins.  Too many creatures to mention lots of moon and lionsmane jellies around 10 mtrs.  Spent around 10 mins watching the diving gillemots at 6mtrs.  More tea missus!! lovely.

Day 2 - The Horn 26.2 mtrs and 41 mins.  Craig rock 16.2 mtrs and 47 mins, very large group of pollock, had taken a bearing as informed by Peter so that we could once again hang around with the gillimots.

Day 3 - The Glanmire, 31.9 mtrs only 31 mins, too little time but great viz.  West Hurker (I think but not the same spot as day 1)  through the gullies pasted over a large rock did a double take as there was a small curled octopus sleeping it took my buddies a while what to see what I was pointing at, more gillimots at the end of the dive.

Brilliant few days diving, good food and accommodation, checking dates for next year.

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