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Please share and copy Stolen from 8 Acre lake yesterday from Ray McKee Technical Diving an Xdeep black dive computer it is the basic bottom timer s/n 510001302 this number is stored inside the computer. Any one been offered one cheap with out the cable please inform me if found I will give a reward of £50 on conviction it can only be charged with the cable and up grading will not be possible as the manufacturer has been notified and and the same go's for buying a cable.

Contact Ray McKee on 07850 649833

Sadly in addition to Ray's Xdeep computer a boxed set of Apeks XTX200 with XTX50 regulators were stolen from the shop. A reward will be given for information leading to prosecution. Someone visiting the lake yesterday knows who is responsible. Ask yourself do you want to associate yourself with that person!

Contact Mike Mudryk on 07976 106575
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