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Quote[/b] (MATTBIN @ Sep. 08 2003,14:21)]Lou reckons I have a style all of my own from the bus stop. I didnt think she had recognised me, I think it was another diver.
Imagine a kind of bunny-hop with can-can kick and you pretty much have it! ;)

The fact that we girls were left in the pub, swotting up and eating chips (
) due to my squeaky ear from Plymouth doesn't get a mention I see.

The good thing about not diving at Stoney was getting there at 1pm and not caring about parking at the top, and not paying to get in.  Mind you I reckon we paid in bar prices whilst we were waiting for Matt & Adam to stop fannying around getting wet.  £2.30 for a pint of coke!!!

The slide show was dreadful, but at least it wasn't a PADI video with nail-extension and lycra reef suits.

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