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All too often we hear stories of how it went wrong so it's really good to be able to report on the rescue of an unresponsive diver from a English Channel wreck dive on the 9th June.

In short a PADI Assistant Instructor taking part in a pleasure dive with his wife realised that she was becoming unco-ordinated then unresponsive underwater. He succesfully brought her to the surface where she was assitsed by several dive boats , given oxygen have inhaled water and rushed to hospital.

The PADI AI did a fantastic job getting her back to the surface and he was well supported by the dive boats , the MCA, the RNLI the ambulance Service, the Royal Navy doctorand the Hospital staff. Neither diver required hyperbaric treatment.

Excellent work , well done to all involved. You undoubtedly saved a divers life.

Fuller info on :-

Meridian Divers
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