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Well was diving SUDAN worth all the travelling and delays?
I think we all would most defintly say YES. :)

Our group went out in March with Tony Backhurst on board the aged Royal Emperor ( what a shame some other operator could'nt take a more morden boat down there ). Saying that the food, sudanese dive crew, cleanliness etc was fine, needed new audio visual equipment, as what they had was old and very basic. We only had one dive guide for 16 of us bit of a surprise that one ! :redface:
The diving on the first two days was a little dissapointing to us all especailly after all the hype that we had read and viewed, but then it suddenly got a whole lot better. For the rest of our diving time we saw a good selection of sharks including Hammerheads, Whitetips etc and the corals were pristine on most sites, and of course uncrowded. The Cousteau project - nice to visit for the historic aspect but very little sea life around there. The highlight for us all was the wreck of the Umbria just outside Port Sudan she is superb, bigger than the Thistlegorm and we could of done a couple of days on it alone.
Then it was back to Cairo for the journey home all exhausted but happy ...............

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