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<font color='#0000FF'>An experience on a dive whilst in the Maldives the other week had me thinking that I should maybe share it as it may help someone in the future if it happens to them.
A normal drift dive turned into a bit of a scary moment for me when the dive guide took off after something and beckoned the rest of us to follow, lets just say that the pace was as fast as we could go and this was kept up for a couple of minutes. When the dive guide eventually stopped chasing what ever he had seen, ( later told it was a whale shark ) the group came to a halt. I had been thinking during the sprint to maintain my depth profile which I did at approx 16 meters…. On stopping I was breathing very hard and on looking up I had the over whelming urge to get to the surface. Very frightening one part of the thought pattern telling you to go for it, the other saying stay put. This continued to be racing around in my head until I forced myself to look down into the blue and to take some slow deep breaths in, and out. As my breathing came under control so the urge to go to the surface went away.
Another point that effected a couple of the other divers, was that there depth profile had changed during the race and as they came to a halt, breathing hard they started to head for the surface due to difficulties controlling their buoyancy and had to be dragged back down by their buddy.

Lessen learnt on my part from now on, I do not go steaming around down there looking for something that may turn up tomorrow with a little luck and never give it 100%. Leave yourself something in reserve………

Hoping this may help someone in the future…..

Dive Safe, Risk Assess

TOG Diver….
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