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After the first days diving i was left very unhappy with the wing and if i had my stab jacket with me would have been quite happy to chuck into the boot of the car. However i seemed to recall reading a previous posting by claire Gledhill that she seemed to have similar issues when using her wing initially so decided to persevere.

Anyway, the wind was still playing silly buggers on the Saturday so it was to be another sheltered site. In this case "Cawsands bay". I was to dive with someone who i had never met, in this case the mother of one of the trainees. A chat in the evening had reassured both of us that there should not be any problems, however did let annie know that i was having problems with my wing

Dive 3 "Cawsands bay"

Once again over the side into good viz, the area looked good with its high kelp, sandy patches and gullies. during the dive saw loads of nice anemonies, starfish and several large spider crabs, however was amazed by the lack of fish life. During the 50 minute dive we saw one dragonet and one wrasse. There was quite a current running so decided to drift along. halfway through the dive i suddenly realised that I was not having any problem with the wing and felt very comfortable with it. Not sure what I was doing that was different but felt alot happier. After 50 minutes both of us where getting a bit chilled and in honesty a bit bored by the lack of fish life. So once again i deployed the bag and up we went.

We sat out the SI in a small bay dozing in the warm sun whilst one trainee finished his CBL and tow drill, guess who was to be the "victim", yep me. reluctantly went over and down to six meters. was brought up by Jay who then had the fun of towing me and fully inflated wing back to boat:) Heard over the radio that two divers were missing, so it was fingers crossed that they would be found quickly. By now the wind had dropped and Peter decided to try for the Poulmic.

Dive 4

Annie, my buddy had decided to sit this dive out as she had got quite cold in the morning so i tagged along with a Adam who was taking in a trainee on his last dive. the plan was that Adam and andy would dive as a buddy pair, that was Adam could pay his full attention on Andy. I would tag along but was happy to make it my responsibility to monitor my own air ect. Once again over the side. I went down first as Andy had a job clearing his ears. at the bottom found that the shot had come loose. This was sorted and by now Adam and andy where down with me, so off we went. I love the Poulmic, shallow and full of life. large shoals of bib, pollack and a beautiful cuckoo wrasse. also numbers of urchins and purple starfish. By now a surge had developed and was initially fun allowing the surge to take us backwards and forwards, however was bit concerned about being taken onto the ribs of the poulmic. Had left Adam trying to take photos whilst I had a rummage, when i noticed that they were moving off to search the rest of the wreck so off i followed. after a minute or so the diver turned around and took a look at me. Was wondering why they had not return my ok query when I realised that the diver was wearing an o three suit and the other guy had twins.........oops has followed the wrong pair:embarassed: Retraced my steps, so to speak and came across adam about to deploy the bag so up we went with a 3minute stop at 6meters. Upon surfacing found that a swell had started so it was rather fun trying to attract Ventures atention. Luckily another boat had spotted us and put the call through. so we were duly picked. another couple of fun dives
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Good to hear you settled down after a bit.

I firmly believe that we need to try to do a number of dives whenever we make a kit change before we can assess whether we are better off or not. So often, change just feels wrong simply because it is new.

Sticking with it seems to have paid off for you - congrats and enjoy the rest of the season :)
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