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Coventry pool cant be that far away, 50m pool with 5m diving pit.  Some clubs use it mid week.  If you want pool practice you could contcat Warwickshire scuba , funnily enough in Warwick as they use it for club nights.

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<font color='#FF0000'>Summary:  5.3 miles (14 minutes)

Depart Stoney Cove [Sapcote Road, Sapcote, Leicester, LE9 4, United Kingdom] on Sapcote Road (West)

Bear RIGHT (South-West) onto Stanton Road

Turn RIGHT (West) onto B4669 [Hinckley Road]

At roundabout, take the FIRST exit

Exit roundabout onto B4669 [Hinckley Road]

Bear LEFT (West) onto B4668 [Leicester Road]

Turn RIGHT (North) onto B4667 [Trinity Lane]

Turn LEFT (West) onto Trinity Vicarage Road

Arrive Hinckley Leisure Centre [Trinity Vicarage Road,
Hinckley, LE10 0, United Kingdom, Tel: +44 1455-610011]

Driving distance:  5.3 miles
Trip duration:  14 minutes
Driving time:  14 minutes
Cost:  £0.78

Got this off autoroute, strangely, Stoney Cove is called the national dive centre!
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