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Hi Guys
Thought this was finished beards ago. Found this on t'internet on the following site.

Law Offices of David G. Concannon, LLC

Sports & Recreation

ITI Holdings, Inc. v. Professional Scuba Association, Inc., et al. - The firm's client, ITI Holdings, Inc., is the parent company of three scuba diving training agencies, Scuba Diving International (SDI), Technical Diving International (TDI) and Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI).

ITI filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida against a competing scuba certification agency, the Professional Scuba Association, Inc. (PSA), its later ego, the Professional Scuba Association International, LLC (PSAI), and their owners, Hal Watts and Janice Watts, after four of ITI's former high level executives defected to PSA with customer lists and electronic copies of ITI's intellectual property, and the defendants used this information to establish PSAI to compete with ITI internationally.

The lawsuit, which alleged claims for misappropriation of trade secrets, civil conspiracy, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, unfair competition, and tortious interference with actual and prospective contractual relations, settled after the March 2007 depositions of Hal Watts and Janice Watts revealed that the defendants and ITI's former executives engaged in secret campaign to loot ITI of its corporate assets and instructor base while the former executives were still affiliated with ITI.

As a result of the settlement, ITI and PSA/PSAI are expected to release a public statement containing an acknowledgement by PSA and PSAI that ITI's former executives, who were dismissed from the case prematurely after a technical violation of a local court rule, engaged in wrongful acts. This statement is consistent with the evidence produced at the depositions of Hal Watts and Janice Watts, which will be made available upon request.
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