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Well it was a long journey up to Wales in terrible conditions on Friday afternoon that see the bridge I wanted to take closed. A slight detour and another bridge was found and I was finally in Wales. It had only taken 2 hours longer than it should have.

After driving around for a while I finally managed to find the B&B. This was a nice little place only a few minutes away from the NDC.

It was my first trip to the NDC which is really amazing. You load your kit onto the back of a trailer and the nice people there drive you and the  kit to the edge of the water. I suppose they dont have much choice as it is a long way from the car park if you had to walk it carrying all your things. It was much appreciated though. Very helpfull staff and some really nice food.

The changing room was also the hottest place iv ever had the pleasure of changing in. Considering the Weather this was very welcome.

We had decided to meet up at 9:30 on the Saturday Morning. The weather was still very bad.

The TDI instructor for the weekend was Mark Powell who was teaching Ian (gityerkneedahn) and myself.

Mark was excellent at communicating the skills needed and going through the course material and made you feel comfortable with what was going on.

To be honest I was a bit nervous on the drive up regarding the course and the people I would meet. Both Ian and Mark helped make the weekend which was fun and enjoyable. Just as diving should be.

Thanks for a great weekend guys and I hope to see you both soon.

For any one considering TDI course I would certainly recommend Mark.

All the best

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