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Two very nice shore dives with a good crowd (I'm sorry I didn't get everyone's names). After finally locating Daz and finding out what the plan for the day was Team Bunny (myself and Dawn) and a good friend Andy set out for Porth Trecastell which was everything I was hoping for whilst the rest of the crew went in search of another mythical dive shop in Holyhead. The sun was out but not too hot, not a breath of wind gave for a flat calm sea gently lapping onto a sandy beach. David and Karen were already in the car park when we arrived and when the rest of the guys returned from their quest we kitted up and went in.

Dive 1 was a gentle bimble along the rocks on the right hand side of the bay where we saw loads of life. Small cuttlefish were mesmerising as they changed colour, sand eels danced playfully beneath us (being picked up by a group of pollack that obviouly saw us a good beaters)  as they left their little hidey holes and a scallop evaded us in it's own comical fashion. I saw a nudibranch on the dive which was a real treat and we freed a couple of crabs from an un-bouyed pot. The spider crab had obviously been in there some time. There were a couple of baleen wrasse swimming amongst the kelp and I saw a large conger. Max depth 5.6m dive time 63 mins and Andy's first UK sea dive (rock hard diver in a semi dry!)

Dive 2. Dawn (Bunny) had decided not to dive the second one so Andy and I took to the RHS of the bay this time which wasn't as spectacular topography wise as the first (it was more of a sheer wall) but it held just as much life. Lots of shrimp and flatties on this one aswell as the swarms of sea lice, these didn't really do it for me. A large spider crab was guarding the entrace to a nook in the rocks where a plaice lay looking at the sky (they can't really do much else can they  
). A bit further on out some small bib swam out in the open. There were the usual pollack in various sizes. In the distance we saw a large schoal of fish and decided to investigate further. These turned out to be sea bass which began to circle us. I presume they were trying to ascertain if we were friendly or not as they were getting closer through tighter circles. They were so close you could almost touch them. There were about 60 of these and some large pollack in with them - amazing. After 20 minutes we returned to the shore along the sandy bottom watching the sand eels, crabs and sand dragonets bury themselves then fly off and a larger cuttlefish obviously saw me as a threat and warded me off with a dash of ink or two.

We had a great day out and thanks to everyone for making it so enjoyable. I apologise for not mentioning too many names but I am terrible with them.

See you all soon,

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