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Bank holiday weekend Porthkerris trip report. Sorry it's a bit late guys but it's been a busy week.

Team bunny decided to dive Porthkerris with some friends at the end of May. Our merry band of pirates consisted of myself, Dawn, Andy and his non diving girlfriend, Rob, Emma, Robbie and Maz along with a load of new found friends from London Scuba (Dawn's old club before she moved up to the frozen north). The plan was to dive twice from the rib on Saturday, twice on Sunday (again from the rib) and shore dive on Monday and trudge our jolly little way home on Monday afternoon whilst enjoying the modified machinery of various vee dubs coming back from Newquay.

10:00 am on Saturday morning was the chartered time for the rib which was duly met, well nearly - we got lost in the lanes going to the centre. This would not have been too bad if Rob, Emma and Andy had not been to the centre the previous day! and were greeted, after signing in with Heather, by our skipper for the day - Giles. Now those of you who've been to Porthkerris will know that it is famous for two things. These are Ostriches (which now sadly are no more) and Giles. To say Giles is a great skipper would be an understatement. He is also a very, very fast rib driver who takes great joy in getting a fully laden rib turning corners which are better than any roller coaster. Before you could shout stop, faster or bloody hell we had reached the wreck of the Mohegan where we kitted up and prepared to dive. Now I don't know if it was the swell, the weight of my new stainless steel back plate holding my 15 litre and pony or my sheer clumsiness but after kitting up I sat down al!
l ready and managed to fall off the rib whilst it was moving - Brilliant. The only real way to the buoy now was a gentle tow. Dawn and Rob dropped to the line and we all descended to the wreck. Rob had decided to go solo so he went off on his own and team bunny traversed the wreck in 10 metre vis and 12 degree water which was a really enjoyable 35 minute dive.

The second dive was at 14:00 and on a reef called Vase rock a, sort of, wedding cake shaped pinnacle which terraced at 15m, 25m 30m and so on. This too was great and held loads of life. Jewel anenomaes shined beautifully in the torchlight, large spider crabs hid amongst the kelp and Pollock like you wouldn't believe. There was a gentle current allowing us to drift a little with the numerous species of wrasse that accompanied us on the dive.

Usual beer and food arrangements for the evening although Terry did have his Northumberland small pipes with him and performed a couple of tunes for us in the bar to rapturous applause.

11:00 am was the prescribed time for the first dive on Sunday on a reef called Raglan reef (walnut whip shaped) which is spectacular, you couldn't see any bare rock for abundance of life. Plumrose anenomaes in three colours (orange, white and green) Jewel anenomaes, closed cup corals, dead men's fingers, wrasse, Pollock, crabs and loads of others. There was a pretty bracing current running but you could take shelter between the rocks if you so desired. This was truly great. The sea urchins were the size of melons and were being hunted by even bigger starfish. Unfortunately Dawn's drysuit was leaking like a sieve and getting progressively worse so we decided that we'd not do the 2nd dive and go for a walk along the cliffs instead, not dive on Monday and make our way home after breakfast.

Diving was at the Porthkerris dive centre, B and B was the "Old temperance house" on the square at St. Keverne and pit stops on the Motorway were courtesy of Burger King.
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