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Righty then,

Here's the full team-sheet for part of the 'YD on Tour at the Dive Show' gig:

Bren & Fi (that's mine, not Gav's or Ian's - though quite happy to hook-up with you guys at the bar once there and we can talk about 'throw yer keys in'!!)
Davey (the Gimp, 'Where's me Wetsuit?') Willo
Tony (ParaHandy)
Emma & Greg (two of my mates, non-YD-ers, so be nice)

Total: 7 - which the Landie seats more than comfortably (assuming at all times that Willo keeps his 'bottom-burps' down a minimum and of a non-post-curry-orientation!)

Andy2Tanx and Parahandy, please would you get to my house for 07.45 hrs on the Sunday morning? We're gonna set off at 08.00 hrs to be there for approx. 10.00 hrs to start, what Willo deftly refers to as "the 1st 'smash-n-grab' sessions of the day". Tony, I called your house today on the number you emailed me and left a message to call me. Please call me on TEL: 07764 - 174647 to hook-up.

Davey and Diane will be at mine anyway for some night-before, black-tie, pre-Dive Show canapes and a flagon or two of moderately polite, medium-sweet sheery (or 12) - OK, OK, a curry and a few beers. Just trying to raise the tone ;)

We will pick up Emma & Greg at 08.30 hrs at Knutsford Services (south-bound), just below junction 19 of the M6. And thence to the show.

I have an appointment at the show at midday regarding copious amounts of white powder and some quality Scandinavian Porn, hence the early kick off. Fiona's (that's Gav's, err.. sorry, mine again!) there to make sure I don't get mugged for it on the way out.

So Gav's suggestion of 13.30 hrs at the rebreather pool and thence repairing to the bar sounds very much the billet.

Not that you all need to hear this from me, but I'm increasingly impressed by the banter and kinship-spirit that has grown on these boards.

I'm also made-up about the frequency with which we all seem to be making the effort to hook-up and dive together (whether that's St Abbs, the Cape, Trearddur Bay or Wastwater/Hodge Close), or whether it's just an 'inpromptu' get together for a beer and a natter.

I've met a fair few of you now, and I look forward to meeting those that I've yet to meet at any of the future gatherings, dives or dos.

Anyone wanting to hook-up with the above tribe, please call either mine, or anyone else's moby that will be travelling with me to RV.

Cheers YD, let's have a barn-load of fun!!!


***** PS: Just as I'd posted this, I got a PM from Parahandy saying that he thinks he might be working next weekend - bugger - and to go ahead a fill his place.

So, anyone else (Jay?) in the Manchester or North West/M62/M60 area (place ONE, to be filled) that wants to travel down with this bunch of reprobates please either shout up or we'll just have more room in which to lounge there and back.

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