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[b said:
Quote[/b] (malcolm smith @ Sep. 16 2003,21:40)]http://www.aquanaut.com/bin/mlist/aquanaut/techdiver/new

It is possible the above may be the techdiver Pierre was meaning.
George Irvine used to contribute, it seems to have been fairly inactive of late.
The archives are good reading.
Cheers,  Malcolm.
It's a shame Techdiver seems to have died a death. It got hit by a virus earlier in the year and everybody had to resubscribe. Seems that lots of people just didn't bother.

I 'discovered' it at the end of 1997, just after the 'Techdiver Wars' when Irvine, Mount, Gilliam et al were going at it. Sad I missed it, as it was supposed to have been top comedy...

Apparently the George of today is a much chilled out version compared to then, and reading some of the posts in the archive I can believe it!

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