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Tech gear and camera for sale_More added!

Sealife DC1000 with the following:
SeaLife DC1000, 10 mp camera - (SL100)
2 SeaLife Digital Pro Flash - (SL961)
SeaLife Wide Angle Lens (SL970)(missing neoprene cover)
2 SeaLife Flash Link (SL962)
2GB Delkin SD Pro Series memory
Buoyancy Weight (SL966)
2 Diffusers for Digital Pro Flashes
2 NiMH Charger Sets - (SL190)
Deluxe Hard case with special die cut foam for all components

Scubapro MK25/S600:
Twin set setup with DIN 300 fittings
One with 5 foot hose (missing plastic anti-freeze cap)
One with 80cm hose and Aqualung pressure gauge.
both with SS bolt snaps

Liquivsion X1:
With V-planner ver 4.57
Deep Sea Suppply bungee mount
Charger+USB adapter
£400-00 SOLD!!

OMS 60lb Dual bladder wing:
As new, very little use
£250-00 SOLD!!

Dive Rite 45lb Venture 360 wing:
As new, very little use

Halcyon Proteus 10W HID light:
Approx 5 years old, old style bulb.
New buld fitted in January.
Burn time of approx 60mins

Halcyon Pathfinder reel:
Good condition. 400ft version. Indestructable!!

Aluminium 80s:
Currently used as twins with OMS twinning bands
Cleaned and certified late last year in Thailand, but will need to locall certified.
Pick up only, can also split up for single use
£75-00 each SOLD!!

Deco regs:
Scubapro MK20s
No gauges, recently serviced

Hi res pictures can be viewed here:

The boys in Northern Ireland seem to be very interested in my gear, so if you know anyone up there, please pass this along

All the above are in very good condition, except the 2 cheap missing parts
I am looking to sell these very quickly, so grab a cheap Christmas pressie!!

Shipping will be from Ireland and wil cost roughly £10 per item
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