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<font color='#000F22'>As a recent convert to UK cold water diving (sub 2yrs), I've found myself in the position of not quite fitting in with the usual club divers. I feel I'm in the transition stage between one plane and another dimension -

I'm looking for some experienced teckie buddy for training dives at NDC Chepstow in my reasonably new (barely dived) twins. I'll be hoping for some advice at SOM but also looking for more practical advice and dives in the 40m+ region. This will hopefully be followed by more dives on organised excursions

My current BSAC club members are happy doing the food dives on the club rib, & while I enjoy and will continue to enjoy those dives I'm also looking for more challenging / different dives.

BSAC Dive Leader
BSAC Assistant Instructor
BSAC & TDI Adv Nitrox
80+ cold saltwater dives


gareth davies  
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