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Well, just couldn’t resist the temptation after reading Howard’s (Dive Dude) report on his adventures in Tenerife, so a seven day jaunt was in order, via Late Escapes with a diving package courtesy of South Coast Divers for good measure!

Everything went like a dream at Manchester – took off on time and arrived 35 minutes early at Tenerife – I didn’t think that happened in real life, well anyway, not with Airtours (sorry MyTravel).

After two days of somewhat “iffy” weather, strong winds and rather a lot of cloud we made our way to The Club Hotel Orlando in Torviscas Playa to see Rebecca (Moray) and Michael (Scuba1) to book some dives over three days. Agreed everything for Tue – Thu with their instructor George picking me up from my hotel each morning – Hi George! How’s that little man in the blue shirt with the bald head and the pitying smile reserved for “us Brits” You see folks, George made best friends with a member of the Guardia Civile (traffic cops to us!!) Thought we were going to jail for a bit there George mate!!

Anyway, now for the report:

Day 1 – Tue – Shore Dives

Dive 1 – Los Abrigos

Shore dive off to the left onto a sandy bottom at 20 metres. Michael reckoned there would be plenty of life to see here and he wasn’t wrong!

Marine life included an Octopus which was just a tiny bit  faster than Michael, an Eagle Ray drifting nonchalantly by at chest height and an Angel Shark taking off in front of us after being disturbed by another group who were on the bottom with us. Everywhere there were damsel fish in and out of the rocks on the bottom and a few tasty sea urchins (monsters they were, and pretty sharp spines!!)

Depth 20 metres, bottom time 37 minutes with 15 metres visibility

Dive 2 - Los Abrigos

We intended initially to do “The Hole”, but Michael decided the swell and current could have caused problems at the point where you go through a hole in the inner rock face through to the open sea, so we decided to go in and around the outside of the rock wall, looking in the small caves on the way for whatever we could see.

Menacing looking Scorpion fish, lizard fish who really took off when you got too near them, and, best of all a Barracuda shoal just below the surface. Very impressed!!

Max depth was 16 metres, bottom time 45 mins, viz a brilliant 20meteres+

Water temperature 22oC

Day 2 – Wed – Rib Dives

Dive 1 – Moray Cave

Michael explained on the rib that this dive was very aptly named and to keep hands well away from the holes in the rock face in the caves!! I soon found out why! Big Moray Eels, dozens of them, heads just floating in and out of their holes – just waiting for another YD guest to turn up with a banana!! – You there Howard??!! Its now forbidden in Tenerife to sell bananas to anyone clad in neoprene!!

Again, lots of lizard fish, but for the first time we started to see lots of trumpet fish. A Grouper fish ventured out into the open to see what was going on – seemed too pissed off to even swim away – just hung there watching us for ages!! I thought it looked massive but Michael said it was only medium sized!

Bottom time 28 minutes, viz around 20 metres water 20oC

Dive 2 – Las Galletas (The Rays)  

Again loads of moray eels, trumpets, 5 and 7 stripe Sea Bream and Red Mullet, but the highlight of the day was seeing the Rays!! It was fantastic the way the swam up to you and around you – no fear, just lots of curiosity and willingness to make contact with you. OK, I know they probably thought it was feeding time which is something I don’t really go along with, but it was great that creatures that large were so gentle and graceful – made me wonder what they must be like in the Pacific and Indian Oceans!!

Max depth 21.7metres, bottom time 35 minutes Water 21oC

Dive 3 – El Condecito (Or A Lesson In How Not To Do It Captain!!)

Rumour has it the crew were otherwise engaged while this cement laden carrier rounded the point lighthouse on ‘auto’ pilot and proceeded to drift with the wind and current on to the nearby rocks!! Whatever truth is, the wreck is pretty well preserved (as are the hundreds of bags of cement lying around the seabed!!) Parts of the wreck were pretty sharp so watch your hands if you ever do it!!

Morays, trumpets, lizards and would you believe it a Weaver fish – Aarghh!! It kept, and was given, a wide berth!!

Max depth 17.6metres Bottom time 25 minutes Water 22oC Viz  around 20 meters for the last two dives.

Day 3 – Thu – Rib Dives

Today was always going to be a bit interesting – in certain parts the wind was pretty strong and the white caps were evident in the morning.

Dive 1 – Playa Paraiso Blanco

Michael took us up to Playa Paraiso, north of Las Americas for the first dip of the day
Visibility not as good as previous days due to wind and a little swell
A few rays around, and the usual damsel, trigger and trumpet fish.
Max depth 23.7metres Bottom time 36 minutes Viz 12-15metres  Water 22oC

Dive 2 – Montana Maria

We came down the coast for the second and, alas, the final dive! What a difference a few miles make. The sea state, wind and temperature all seemed to change noticeably, and the nose (sorry bow) of the rib seemed to be standing upright into some of the swells. At least that’s what it seemed like from the back (stern) seats. No doubt to Michael it was just a ruffled surface, but to me it was good fun!!  

Lots of  Sea Bream and Trumpets around but only a couple of rays. Quite a strong current below but still an enjoyable dive. What dive isn’t ??!!

Max depth 19 metres Bottom time 38 minutes Viz – disappointing at about 12 metres but understandable due to the swell and current

And so back to Club Orlando!!

Well, on reflection this was a great three days because it got me back in the sea for the first time since last September and Caps or anywhere else inland just doesn’t compare!

I really did appreciate the time and effort everyone put in for me – the set up is terrific, laid back with no hassle and no rush… you do things at your own pace so that you’re happy and comfortable with everything. Michael was a great buddy to dive with – as a late comer to this game and with less than 20 dives on the ticket I felt really at home down there and would recommend Tenerife diving to anyone. If I get back to Tenerife I’ll certainly be visiting South Coast Divers for another package. Full kit hire is available and Rebecca will be only too pleased to sort out a good package rate for you.


P.S.   Is it June yet……………………………

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Glad you had a good time John.

Made me chuckle reminding me of the banana, I could here George and my buddy Dave laughing as the Moray took the whole banana and I counted my fingers.

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Hiya John

Glad you enjoyed it :) Next time, come down with Howard; I am purchasing banana futures *grin*

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