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The final batch of the free Beyond The Blue magazines have gone out in this evening's post. I'm afraid we now have to end the free 'postage' offer as the new magazine is now in production; those who mailed me last week this includes your copies.

However there's a couple of other bits of good news. If you were a 990 subscriber then we are going to honour your subscription. By the middle of next week you can e.mail us and we will run your subscription for the remainder of the magazines you should have recieved. We will have to do this on trust as the database sits on some dusty computer in Ft.William.

In addition, Beaver are going to be distributing about 3,000 copies around their dealer network as free copies so if your local dive shop stocks Beaver gear you should be able to get one for free.

E.mail [email protected]

The site is live but has a few teething troubles at the moment so give it until the end of the week.

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