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Hi Folks,
I've heard what I'd describe as a 'strong rumour' that the bell of HMS Repulse has been found and taken off the wreck by some divers, they have been described to me as 'CCR divers from Sydney', and that's about all I know about it so far.
If anyone can confirm this for me, or add to the story in any way I'd be eternally grateful. I understand it is currently on a dive vessel that operates in the area.
HMS Repulse is of course designated as a War Grave and should not have been disturbed.
If true, this is a serious matter and has an effect on us all as we're supposed to have cleaned up our act since the furore of the wrecks issue a year or so ago.
I know that it doesn't mean that all divers take things from war graves, but divers will get the blame for it as I'd hope you would all understand.
The Force Z Survivors Association is perfectly happy for divers to visit the war graves on a look but don't touch basis, but this will sadden them.
It makes me very angry to think that it might be true.

Please email me direct with any information on:

[email protected]

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