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Infamous Melbourne criminal but from Tasmania, a standover man and hitman from the 70s-80s, now "gone straight" Found he could make more money writing his life story and doing TV experiences, this is his website.

Mark Brandon Chopper Read

Has the tatts, cut his ears off in jail with a razor blade, subject of movie starring Eric Bana (don't know if it showed outside of Aus). Retired to Tassie for a while but thankfully found it boring and went back to Melbourne.

A stand up comic has taken on the "chopper" persona in his TV show, which has now became his mainstay.

Australian Weather by Chopper Reid - Google Video

He's doing a national tour atm, called "Harden The F__ Up Australia Tour", did Hobart tonight. he was hilarious ....had a fairly unique manner in dealing with hecklers too.

YouTube - Harden the f--- up

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I read several of his books before i even thought of coming to oz. Thoroughly enjoyed them but i think you have to take a lot of his claims with a large pinch of salt.
The movie is brilliant! Even the studio titles at the very beginning made me laugh :teeth: Available on video/DVD throughout the UK.
The man himself recently appeared in Melbourne Magistrates court on a driving charge. Distinguished himself by falling asleep in the dock :) Interviewed by the press afterwards he said, " Couldn't help myself! I've always found courtrooms boring!"

I think the tour is coming to Perth in July, I might well see if tickets are still available.

Saw Ross Noble last week, Laughed myself stupid for two and a half hours.
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