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I finally defeated it. The weather didn't blow up into a scene from The Perfect Storm, the dive marshall didn't fall ill, the GPS didn't start randomly switching itself off, I didn't write off my car...

No, I just drove to Newhaven, put my gear on a club boat, went out to sea and actually did a proper dive. For the first time in months, I made it into salt water instead of touring the muddly puddles of the country.

City of Brisbane. Vis was 2-3 meters, but there were so many fish and crabs around we honestly wouldn't have noticed it it had been 200. From the moment we reached the bottom of the shot to the moment we went back up it, we never had a second where we couldn't see any wildlife. I thought at one point we had managed it, only to see some hermit crabs making a dash for it.

We made it back to the shot with ONE minute before our computers would have demanded deco, but naturally did a three minute safety stop anyway.

And that was where the curse put in its final shot, as I suffered the worst seasickness of my life. I only JUST managed to make it back to the surface before it struck.
It wouldn't have been so bad, if only the people on the boat hadn't been helpfully putting my octopus where they thought it should be (ie stuffing my long hose) and putting my shot harness in the right place (I don't own one, they put my crotch strap through my shoulder strap) - by the time I'd untangled the mess they'd made, I was feeding the fishing on every alternate breath.

Never be the only diver with a Hog rig in a club of standard BSAC divers - they just won't understand

Still, aside from the greenish tinge I started the dive with, and the dead-white one I ended up with afterwards (which did, at least, get me excused from any heavy lifting  
) it was a good one - well worth the wait.

And I don't even have to worry too much about rinsing my kit, as I'm helping out a friend with some trainees at Stoney on Wednesday..
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