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Hindsight is a great thing but after mulling this one over, I would have waited until he finished his phone conversation. And not paid until he did.

I went into a newsagent the other day and two old biddies behind the counter (at an age where they should remember having been taught manners) just carried on talking while I waited to pay. One held her hand out for the money. I stood there. They carried on talking and I carried on waiting. She continued to hold her hand out.

After about 45 seconds, which seemed a lot longer, one of the talking biddies looked at me and said "45p" . I paid her and said, "I'm sorry to interupt your conversation, good bye, have a nice day." To which she replied ""rude bitch".

On the other hand, and to balance the arguement, all the staff in my neighbourhood shops are lovely and and have a nice little chat with me when I go in, just like in Corrie!!!!!!

There is simply no excuse for bad manners and rudeness to customers, even when customers are rude to you. I speak from experience of 30 years working with the public and smiling nicely.

Unfortunately, most of us are too polite to say to shop workers: "you are being very rude"
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