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I will add some stuff from the CCR perspective.  Although it seems that the CCR diver binned a few dives, that is generally unusual.  I took my unit on a two week trip earlier in the year, same set up, deco station etc, not team diving as we all dive solo and we all dive on CCR.  

My unit performed PERFECTLY on every dive and I use a VR3 plugged into the unit for real time deco.  

We don't generally use strobes on the shot, sometimes someone sticks one on then takes it away.   We reel out from the shot that way everyone can find their own way back.  We unclip our clips and the last person there knows without doubt that he is the last then he unclips the station.

Team diving requires logistic planning before the dive and everyone to be diving on the same deco software etc. It's all a bit anal.  we all solo dive, it's every man for himself and everyone carries their own bailout and tables, everyone jumps in solo, everyone does different bottom times and different deco,  we see each other on the wreck and then on the line and then everyone is together on the station at 6m.  You can't buddy dive at 75m, you are on your own as far as I'm concerned.  there was an open circuit diver a while back I'm told who almost ran out of gas at 75m after getting tangled and he dragged himself and his buddy to the surface, he got paralysed and the buddy went back down alone to deco and was ok.  I would never dive with an open circuit diver in a buddy pair at those depths - they simply cannot carry enough gas to save their own life if the shit hits the fan.  If someone hasn't got the gear and capability to solo dive at depth then they shouldnt do the dive while relying on a buddy.
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