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This just in from 'Dive the Big 5' in South Africa.

"The Quirimbas Archipelago - where the hell is that?

Let "Dive The Big 5" show you!

It's between Pemba in the south and the Rovuma River in the north. Still in the dark?

It's in Mozambique, the dive destination of the millennium.

The Quirimbas Archipelago consists of 37 coral islands stretching from Pemba in the south to the Rovuma River in the north. The Rovuma River is the natural boundary between Mozambique and Tanzania. Only a handful of these spectacular islands, surrounded by pure white beaches, are inhabited. The diving and exploring opportunities are endless. Legendary drop-offs surround these islands with spectacular vertical walls covered in magnificent formations of hard and soft corals. The fish life, including game fish and every imaginable invertebrate, thrive in these waters making this a must for the serious diver. Spectacular Baobab trees and coconut palms flourish side by side, in their thousands, right up to the pristine white beaches.

Let's throw another name at you. St Lazarus Banks. This unknown dive destination, and it will remain that way only for a short time to come, till the word gets out that is, is situated 70 kms off the coast of these islands, north east of Pemba. This 20 km x 10 km reef rises from the depths of the Mozambique Channel at several hundred meters to within 6 to 8 meters of the surface. Drop-offs on the north west point plummet vertically into the depths where you are likely to encounter Dog-toothed Tuna (another first??), Yellow fin Tuna, Wahoo, schools of Barracuda, Rainbow Runner, Cuta, Ignobilis King Fish, Scalloped Hammerhead and Silver-tip Reef Sharks. This is a reef where every dive is "first to dive on that reef" dive!

Spend 7 days on the yacht "Free Spirit", a 17 meter (56 ft) catamaran with 4 x 2 berth cabins, 2 en-suite and 2 with communal facilities, 2 compressors, 12 scuba cylinders and 8 complete sets of scuba gear, 2 semi-rigid inflatable tenders, purpose built fly-fishing boat and sea-kayaks.  The ideal set up for an idyllic, exclusive dive getaway. Quite unique!

Departure dates from Johannesburg are March 04 till 15, 2004 and from November 11 till 22, 2004.

Want to know more? Contact your "Southern African Dive Buddies, Dive The Big 5.

Best "Fishes"


Your South African Dive Buddies & Wildlife Specialists.

Dive The Big 5,
PO Box 2209,
White River.
Republic of South Africa.

Tel: +27 13 750 1832
Fax: +27 13 750 0018
Cell/Mobile: +27 83 700 4597

Web: www.divethebig5.com

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