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Quote[/b] (rasilon @ Mar. 05 2004,16:05)]Those really big bottles of coke hold a lot of water, and either industrial air-line, or in a pinch the stuff you use for fish tanks will normally hold.  I used the CO2 cartridge from a soda stream so that I didn't have to do pressure regulation to stop the bottles bursting.  Rego toggle valves have a good throughput.

Have fun.
The 2 Litre coke bottles do hold plenty of water, I can also tell you that as long as you plumb all fittings through the lid they work fine at the 10Bar that your first stage provides. (2 litre coke bottles are good for approx 180-190 PSI, and then they start to stretch)

Simon A

====Edited due to confusing PSI with BAR the first time (obviously I need more beer!)====
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