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Hey TD

I'm really sorry you had such a poor experience, my buddy and I just came back from a week's liveaboard and whilst sitting at the airport on the way out one of the things we agreed on was no 3rd wheels.

So at the risk of being controversial , I have been asked many times to make up a 3 with some one who had been let down
Anyone disagree... feel free.

ok the DIR thing :)

This thread is going to get hyjacked anyway. I have dived in three's afew times. No I tend not to join another pair if I can help it. had good and bad times with a third joining us.
but the DIR thing is too dive as a team and they practice comutication between all of the group and I think its one of the stronger points of DIR diving.

Going back to Richards post I dont think it matters about agency if the buddy pair seem not even to be looking after each other I dont know if it training or just lack of it, My biggest problem is why were they in such a hurry to get anywhere I want to enjoy my dive and see things :)

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