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<font color='#0000FF'>Down at Swanage at the weekend , my buddy Millerband snapped up the last copy of this book (below) in the shop, top quality stuff, gonna get one of these puppies myself and can highly recommend it for all fish-prodders
(Review from Handbag.net main page site)
Paul Naylor , 236 pp, £14 from Underwater World publications
Designed to aid identification of common animals in British seas, the book incorporates as much information as possible on how they go about their lives. The 350 photographs show how they feed, breed, avoid being eaten and interact with other creatures.
From dazzling jewel anemones and cuckoo wrasse to massive creatures such as the 30m-long bootlace worm; from ruthless hunters such as the starfish and octopus to creatures such as the sea hare and pipefish with their astounding breeding habits.
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