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Hello All,

Just thought I should post this advice for any umbilical torch owners out there.
I own a Metalsub battery pack model PR1209 and should have been getting about 110m burn time from it. Due to an "incident" resulting in sudden immediate discharge underwater the cells were damaged and I was getting barely 15mins burn time.

I have read of others on the site rebuilding their own packs, buying the cells for say £70 (10 D cells) and doing all the soldering and shrink rapping etc.
I didn't feel confident of doing this, so I contacted Metalsub who "offered" to do it for me for £250 + P&P on top. I graciously refused that kind offer.
I rung around and eventually found Cell Pack Solutions Ltd in Tyne and Wear would give it a go. (Bristol Batteries mucked me around for 2 months saying they could but then decided it was too hard for them).

They have done the work for £121 + £6 P&P, and - even better - they have replaced the old 8500mah cells with 10000mAh cells.
They have been excellent to deal with, and the torch is working fine, and getting over 110mins burn time now (to cold at the moment to do a dive longer then that!!). (can post just how long if anybody is interested).
I asked them if they also do other makes of dive torch and I was basically told by the founder and MD "Eddie" that he would relish the challenge. They have done many of the big brand torches in the past.
So, if you are like me and aren't too skilled with a soldering iron, and want to breath some life back into and your favourite, but ageing, torch it would be worth dropping them an e-mail. I dealt with Kris [email protected].

Sorry for the blatant plug, normally not my style, but was very impressed by these gents, and though if it helps anybody else out there, its worth a post,

Happy Safe, Bright Diving

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Just to add. If you are looking at replacing a rechargeable battery. It's best to capacitance weld the cells together, companies like this one will do that for you.
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Another good retailer is Home
Incredibly quick delivery, good prices and very helpful staff.

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