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Torquay Vis

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Am off to torquay diving tomorrow, wondered what the vis was like and its worth bothering with a camera?
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Take your camera, it has been nice and flat all week, where are you diving?
we are on rick parkers boat - the Jennifer Anna - so wherever he decides!!
You will have a good day with Rick, what time is your ropes off? I am taking our boat out from Torquay at ten, might get to say hi...

If you end up on the Bretagne I will see you under the waves...
we have a few newbies so its just a nice easy shallow dive inthe gullies I beleive. Yeah our ropes off is 10 as well, look for a bald fat bloke in a blue o'three :)
had an excellent couple of dives, vis was good and loads of life. Rick was superb - up there with some of the best skippers I have been with, can thoroughly recommend both boat and rick!
Glad you had a good time, I found a fat bald bloke but it was the wrong one ;)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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