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Travel and Deco Gas

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NO 100% vs 80% type comments pleaaasseeee, just what you dive with.

Just want to know what you tend to use for your travel and deco gasses.

I tend to stick with:
Travel          36%          Switch at 30m
Deco           70%           Switch at 12m

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It depends on the dive, but for 60M+ we seem to have settled on 32 and 80%.

If the dive is shallower we will change the 32 to a 36 and getting below 80M make it a 21. At 100M we added helium to the 21 and carried a 32 and 80.

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Andyp and I do the same. Basicly the deep deco gas must be breathable within 10m of planned dive depth on a ppo2 preferably not exceding 2.0 In Egypt we used 21/25 as the dive was planned for 90m with a breef bounce to 100. Intermediat deco will be planned arround keeping the PP02 above 1.0 for as long as possable and the shallow deco will be 80% to alow flexabuility in the profile and to reduce the CNS loading.

32% and 36% usualy cover this in the depth range we dive and it gets you off gassing the He on the deeper stops. This used to be accepted a good thing but these days there are alternative views.


Mark Chase
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<font color='#000080'>Hi

50% is used as a single deco cylinder. This is in depths up to 55 ish metres. Normoxic range so no 'travel gas' is required.

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When choosing a deco gas there are a couple of diferent angles to look at. WL's choice of a single tank of 50% is a popular one and it minimises the kit and simplifies the dive with no possabuility of a wrong gas switch and virtualy no possabuility of a CNS hit.

The two deco tank option on dives to 55m is laughed at by some on the grounds of what do you need all that for? However apart form potential bail out, it extends your bottom time by alowing longer deco hangs within the gas limits of your tanks and or cuts down on deco time in the water on shorter dives.

When choosing the gas the options include, potential deep bail out, prefered gas switch depths, CNS loading, deco curve, O2 window, deco on the fly or multiple slates, air breaks or no air breaks etc.

As for the 80% 100% argument its a non argument. 100% is the best gas for deco. However it can cause problems with its need for very shalow deployment and CNS loadings so some divers choose to compromise on the optimum off gassing gas and go for a reduced PP02 (reduced CNS) and a more flexable depth option for the shalow stops.


Mark Chase
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<font color='#8D38C9'>Travel: 40% - 30% switch between 30m and 40m.  Depends what I've got.

Deco: 100% switch at 6m

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I use 40% and 80% and get on the 40% at 30m and the 80% at 9m.  I used to use 50% and O2 but it was adding about 25% onto the CNS and getting me out of the water only a few minutes earlier.


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