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Ive got a Dive rite travel wing (14lt lift). Web specs suggest its ok for a single steel 100 (ca 15L) tank. I,ll be using it with a O'three 4/5/5.5 semi in the Red Sea. Has anyone out there got experience of using a travel wing with 15l steel cylinders? Ive had plenty of experience of using it with 12l aluminium cylinders. Its great for that but there has never appeared to be much lift to spare.
Air has a density of 0.0012 kg/litre, so the air in a 12.2l tank at 232 bar weighs 3.4kgs
In a 15l, it weighs 4.2kgs.

So you only need 0.8kgs more lift using a 15 than a 12, assuming you're correctly weighted and neutrally buoyant when both tanks are empty.

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