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<font color='#0000FF'>Guys,

If you are travelling southbound (well, eastbound really) from Edinburgh to Abbs you will notice two things.

Firstly, the A1107 A1 to Coldingham road (normally used to get to Abbs is closed due to major strengthening works being carried out on the Peace Vale Bridge (that tiny one track thing) so the road is not passable. Roadworks started on the 13/04/04 and is scheduled to last.....

Wait for it....

No really, wait....

24 weeks!

To get to Abbs you continue about 5 miles down the A1 and there is a turning to the left signposted for Abbs

The other thing though, slightly better news is that the A! Expressway linking Haddington to Dunbar is now open giving you a shimmering new dual carriageway instead of a twisty single lane road... Took about 15 minutes off my travel time!
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