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Quote[/b] (Porg @ April 04 2004,15:17)]But the fact remains that if the cox or marshal has doubts about your fitness to dive he/she can stop you diving on that particular dive, or limit your depth.
Absolutely, if push comes to shove and there had to be an inquest, a coroner might very well decide that someone with Andy's mass of experience "should have know better" and applied restrictions to known asthmatics, who would want to take that chance with their livelihood? Not me.

Plus the "my boat, my call" is something most diving skippers would apply. I was discussing this with Elfyn last week, he  will ban a diver from diving if he sees evidence that they might be a hazard to theirself, either because they're unfit to dive (in a variety of meanings) or inappropriately kitted out for the dive they want to do.
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