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Not a YD trip but just had details of this trip e mailed to me.
Maybe of interest to the Techi or Rebreather Crew.

Tony( parahandy)

Dear divers,

I have a small group looking to book Poplar Diver from Friday 5 December
(6pm) to Monday 8 December (early afternoon) at a cost of £195 per person.
This includes full board, accommodation and air. Nitrox, 02 and bar extra.

IF the weather's okay (and it's a fairly big if) they are hoping to
concentrate on the old steamship "Helena Falbaums" near Belnahua, North of
Scarba, South of Oban. This is in 55m - 65m and the group are all rebreather
divers. If the weather's not good enough then it'll probably be Sound of
Mull as usual.

If any buddy pairs are interested in joining this weekend please let me
know. First come, first served.

Cheers, Hannah

PS You're on this list because you've emailed us about diving. If you want
your name removed please let me know.

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