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['Stingray' wrote]:

"After exploring this area last year i am now looking for 6 divers who would be interested in a two week special liveaboard charter of the volcanic chain of Sangihe islands north east of Manado,Sulawesi.
The diversity of Fish species and corals in this area are among the riches on earth and seldom dived,there is also a active underwater volcanoe

The charter would also cover Bunaken Marine area with it's spectacular walls and species of fish and corals.

Also covered would be the famous Lembeh Straits for the weird,strange and unsual fish species.

Above water spectacular scenery as below.

The opportunity's for photography underwater are endless as well as endless opportunity's of macro subjects.

With personal contact of owner the best itinerary can be obtained including 4 day dives and night dives.

The charter for 7 people would be September/October time this year 17 days travel by Singapore Airlines via Singapore to Manado.

Two week boat charter,guide and including all meals,coffee/tea and plenty of fresh drinking water.

Unlimited Diving.

Visiting islands ect..

Cost of trip per person £1950

For more info email or drop a line."


STINGRAY can be contacted at:

[email protected]
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